This article applies to Venn routers using WW cards.

This article also applies only when there is a Antispam in the path leading to email blocking due to subnets used by WW cards.

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        1. Traffic/Port blocking

        2. Geolocalisation

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This article applies when Using WW cards used in Venn routers.

When using WW Sim Cards Public IP's that are presented to Customers are private addresses.

This could lead Antispam Systems on Customers sites to block  user mails


1. Traffic/Port blocking

Add exceptions for following WW subnets : 

To increase security those exceptions can be restricted to ports on wich which mail works.

2. Geolocalisation :

Trafic may be blocked by geolocalisation rules. Depending on firewalls, exceptions for those subnets have to be implemented or UK has to be authorized.


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