This article applies to Scan To Mail Devices (Generally Multi Function Printers) connected on Venn routers, on customer Sites where no own SMTP and DNS Servers can be used.


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        1. Printer SMTP Configuration

        2. Printer DNS Configuration

        3. Venn Router Configuration

        4. Security Note

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In order to function properly a Scan To Mail device needs a SMTP Server and a DNS Server in order to resolve the SMTP DNS name to an IP.

Using dedicated Providers SMTP and DNS Servers can lead to problems when router switches From Internet Line to 3G/4G or from one 3G/4G Provider to another One.

This is because Providers do not allow the use of their SMTP and DNS Servers when requests are not originating from their own subnets.

Solution is to use Venn SMTP Server which is independent from Providers and will work on all type of connections.

As Venn's SMTP Server is only accessible from Venn's Public IP's subnets router must be configured to send the SMTP traffic of the Scanner through Venn's Datacenter.

This is realised by creating a PepVpn Tunnel to a Fusion Hub Server Hosted in Venn's Datacenter and configuring an Outbound Rule to enforce SMTP traffic of the Scan To Mail Device into that tunnel.

Note : this will only work through a tunnel to a FusionHub Server Hosted by Venn in it's Datacenter, not with FusionHub Servers Hosted on Custommer's HQ/Datacenter.


1. Printer SMTP Configuration

The SMTP Server to use in the Scan To Mail configuration of the Printer is :

SSL : No

Authentication : no username and no Password Needed

2. Printer DNS Configuration

To be independent from any provider it's advised to use Public DNS Servers such as and

3. Router Configuration

Please Contact Venn Support and ask to enable the use of Venn's SMTP Server on the router on which the Scan To Mail device is connected.

If the Printer has a fixed local LAN/VLAN IP address comunicate it also to Venn's Support.

3. Security Note

As a general Rule PepVpn Tunnels to Venn's FusionHub Servers in Venn Datacenter are encrypted with AES 256 to garantee confidentiality of data passing through.

Communication between FusionHub Servers and SMTP Server is also Private.

Although , From the SMTP Server to the final user is send in clear.

If Stronger Confidentiality is needed it's advised to enforce this by your own Security measures,  by using own smtp servers, O365 Servers or other Solutions.  


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For troubleshooting please contact our support on or +32 2 318 48 25