This article applies for routers and Fusionhub Servers managed by Incontrol. 

Intended Audience

This article is intended for IT Managers, IT staff and Project Managers having access to Incontrol Web Management Interface.

If you don't have access to Incontrol please contact our support on or +32 2 318 48 25

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- Summary of issue

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       1. Connection on Incontrol

       2. Alerting Configuration

       3. Warning on 3G/4G False Positifs

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- Troubleshooting

Summary of Issue

Peplink routers and FusionHub Servers can be monitored and alerts can be configured in the Incontrol managing the routers.

This Article is a guide step by step to do this.


1. Connection on Incontrol

In your favorite browser type :

Type in your credentials and click Log In

 2. Alerting Configuration

Go to Setting/Notifications 

Several profiles can be created

3. Warning on False positifs.

Monitoring WAN Up / Down could lead to much false alerts for unstable 3G / 4G connections

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For troubleshooting please contact our support on or +32 2 318 48 25