This article applies to all Peplink routers.

This article does not apply to Fusionhub Servers.

This article applies only to mono-Vlan VRRP, Peplink routers do not support Multi-Vlan VRRP.

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This article is intended for IT Managers, IT staff and Project Managers with access to Incontrol Central Management.

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Two Peplink routers can be configured in High Availibility mode using VRRP.

It is also possible to configure one Peplink router to achieve VRRP with onother router (Cisco, ...) under certain conditions.

One is configured as the Master one as the second one is configured as Slave.

Configuration is only possible locally on router (not from Incontrol).

Easiest way to access router's local configuration is through Incontrol Central Management Web Interface.

If you do not have access to that Interface contact our support on or +32 2 318 48 25

VRRP IP adresses:

Master Physical: 

Slave Physical: 

Virtual: (Virtual)


1. Master Configuration

Resume Master Role Upon Recovery

For selecting whether to take over the master role when the unit boots up while a preferred slave unit is acting as a master. 

When this option is enabled, the unit will take over the master role. When this option is not enabled, the preferred slave unit will remain master until it is powered off.

Note: Upon changing this option to disabled while the slave is up, the slave will immediately take over the master role.

Default: Enabled 

2. Slave Configuration

Configure Slave device as follow:

If VRRP is establiched between two Peplink devices it is also possible to specify the Master's Serial number:

If this option is enabled and the Master Serial Number entered matches with the actual master unit's, the master unit will automatically transfer the configuration to this unit. 

Please make sure the LAN IP Addressand Subnet Mask fields are set correctly in the LAN Settings page.

3. Status and Alerting

You can refer to the Event Log for the configuration synchronization status. 

Alerting can be configured in Incontrol. For configuring this read the link in the "Related Articles" below.

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For troubleshooting please contact our support on or +32 2 318 48 25